Good/Bad Colour Schemes

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Another week another project. This week I started a new project on my course, the small business project. I chose to create a website for The Art of Bloom, a flower shop.

There will be more to come regarding that project. However, as I started doing my first bits of research on the web, came across a lot of different colour schemes for already-existing florist websites: some good, some bad.

Good Colour Schemes

Flowers & green, a natural combination. But green can be quite tricky to pull off. Brown’s London managed to combine green in a suitable way for the web.

Brown’s uses a bold forest green with for their navigation bar and footer. Combined with the lighter foam green and the image, the colours seem to work pretty well. The colour choice was expected; however, it emphasizes the nature of the company.


Bloom & Wild use a pastel colour scheme for their website. A pastel pink accent colour and warm grey colour are used throughout. This gives a modern, warm and slightly sophisticated feel to the website.


Appleyard London uses pale grey and a dusty blue in their design. In fact, most of the florist websites I looked at either used green or a grey combination like Appleyard. The grey combination allows the very colourful images to stand out. This design also has a much more clean and professional feel.


Some more examples I found of pale grey colour schemes used for florists. A popular choice for colourful images.

mcqueens_florist_online_flower_ordering_for_all_occasions_-_2016-11-04_16-35-08 wild_at_heart_order_luxury_flowers_nationwide_for_delivery_to_the_uk_from_nikki_tibbles_wild_at_heart_-_2016-11-04_16-48-15


Bad Colour Schemes

Apparently green=flowers. But not all green looks nice on a webpage. Daisies Flower Shop is clearly going for natural, earthy tones. However, in my opinion the colour scheme is a little off. There is both a brighter forest green and a earthier brown-green. This creates a strange contrast and too much green. Perhaps the colour scheme should be adjusted to a brighter, more cheerful forest green combination or a richer, natural earth green combination.


Mrs. Florist London has a colour scheme that would work for another industry. Since flower images are usually colourful, the contrast is too high between the images and the colour scheme chosen. This creates a non-professional feel.


Similarly, London Florist Shop uses a dark grey that does a good job at creating contrast but nothing else. There is no accent colour to draw attention and instead the images contrast heavily with the dark colour. I think they tried to stay away from using more colours for a reason; but if used correctly, another colour could bring much-needed life to this website.


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