Introduction Page Continued

Just some quick updates on the progress of my introduction page.

Most of my work this week involved CSS and just some small changes to the original HTML (adding class’ or id’s).

I floated the images/icons that I previously created in Adobe Illustrator and used my colour scheme from last week.

I used CSS to make the website look similar to my original wireframe. My first attempt involved muted colours in block form separating the different sections of the page.


I didn’t like using two different colours and instead went for a gradient look. These were some options I played around with.

natalia_sivackova_-_2016-11-07_20-42-35 natalia_sivackova_-_2016-11-07_20-11-23 introduce-yourself1

I played around with mixing colours for softer hues. I used the yellow and green from my swatches and blended them with white to give me paler colours.


From there I decided on a gradient green. I used the exact HEX colours from my swatches and applied them to my CSS file.

This is the final(ish) version of the introduction site. I changed the gradient so that more emphasis is on the upper half of the page (as that is what everyone will see first). I also removed the black borders for a softer look.


The final website will be posted on my coursework homepage! Adios!

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