Small Business Project Icons

bouquets gardening-tools potted-plants

I made these icons for my small business project. Here’s how…

I wanted to keep the watercolour theme running through the page. In Adobe Illustrator, I made circles and then used Teela Cunningham’s watercolour textures to create a clipping mask.

Then I started playing around with shapes. To create the flower shapes, I created a polygon, then selected effect > distort & transform > pucker & bloat (set to 68%).

To create the flower pot shape and the bucket shape, I used the direct select tool for the corners that I wanted to enlarge. Then I used my arrow keys to adjust the shape as I wanted.

All the shape and line work was set to white so that the watercolour backgrounds would stand out.

Teela Cunningham’s video taught me the new shape techniques! Check it out for more tips.

Until next time!

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