Thesis Concept

I have been planning my thesis this last week. It is going to be a major project for about 10 months, starting now and finishing in October 2017.

I wanted to stick to one of my interests for my thesis, as I will be working on this project for quite some time and want to keep myself motivated. I thought I should also incorporate a personal problem that I could solve for myself and others who may come across this issue.

I liked the idea of a thesis about hospitality and food. I studied hospitality for my bachelors and thought it would be a good way to connect that degree with my pending masters degree in web design. I am still very much interested in food photography and menu development, so I thought this would be a topic I could sustain for the next 10 months.

A problem I find myself having is before traveling somewhere new, I like to look up what the national or traditional dishes of that area are. I love trying traditional food while I’m traveling. Usually, I use Pinterest or just Google to get information about the different foods and restaurants in the area. Although this works to get the information I need, it usually takes a long time and I might have to search for almost an hour to find the right restaurants or dishes I want to try.

To solve this problem, I’d like to create a website that acts as a national food guide. For now, I would narrow my project down to include food from Europe. Users click on a country in Europe and get information such as: national/traditional dishes, history about the food influences in the area, common ingredients/spices, recipes (filtered by either time or difficulty) and user-generated content suggesting possible restaurants where the national dishes can be tried.

Although different regions of a country may have different iterations of the same dish, this will be mentioned on the website. Different historical influences will also be mentioned (some regions of a country may have been taken over by different cultures while others have not, thus influencing the food in that area).

That is my thesis concept thus far. I have taken feedback from my peers and thesis mentor. Originally this concept was two separate ideas and the feedback was to merge them together into the concept I have now. As my thesis progresses, I will be posting with more research and ideas.

More to come in the next few weeks!

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