Thesis Execution Phase 1

This is just a little update of how my thesis is going so far. I broke down my thesis execution into 5 phases. By the end of June I planned to finish phase 1. So far so good.

In phase 1, I wanted to collect half of the content for my thesis, establish a final layout, and create the HTML and CSS for the content. I also worked on my icons for the website, which needed quite a bit of tweaking.

I still need to finish collecting my content. I ended up moving towards the HTML and CSS before finishing the content because I wanted to get things moving. The layout is almost finished, still working on changing a couple of things on my icons that will then we implemented into the final layout. Once that is done I will finalise my CSS and move on the Phase 2. This should take only about a day or two more.

Phase 2 will be all about taking my content and design and putting it into WordPress. Creating my own theme in WordPress as well. Phase 2 will take most of July because I haven’t worked with WordPress much except for this blog.

More updates to come at the end of Phase 2!

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