Thesis Execution Phase 2

Hello! It has been about a month since my last update on my thesis.

Now I have officially begun Phase 3 of creating my thesis website. So it’s time for an update on what I accomplished in Phase 2.

Phase 2 was meant to be spent importing my content into WordPress and creating my own theme. Then the plan was to add my GeoDirectory plugin and clickable maps in Phase 3.

I decided to swap this around. So what I have done this past month has been the following:

  • Finished the second half of my content, including optimising my images. Now I have all the content that I will be presenting at my final presentation (30 European countries)
  • Downloaded WordPress for my site, creating a new SQL database
  • Downloaded Akismet to prevent spam
  • Downloaded GeoDirectory and added the MultiLocations addon. Played around with this until I was happy and understood how the plugin works. Implemented it into my site, using what I will need.
  • Added all the countries of my content into GeoDirectory.
  • Created categories of places that users can add to GeoDirectory: restaurants, bars and pubs, cafes and bakeries, hotels and B&B’s, and food markets and street food. Created and uploaded pins for these categories (they go on the map once someone has added a new place)
  • Created my main navigation menu, footer menu, categories and added catergory icons (by downloading a category icon plugin & SVG enabling plugin)
  • Played around with clickable SVG maps, in the end decided to download a plugin for a clickable SVG map of Europe on the home page.
  • Planned my home page design
  • Thought of my key words and key phrases for SEO purposes

Most of what I have done this last month was planned for Phase 3. I basically just swapped Phase 2 and Phase 3 around. To be honest, I swapped the work around because I was slightly scared of how complicated creating my own theme will be. But it needs to be done.

I am happy I swapped Phase 2 for Phase 3. This is because playing around with the different plugins on WordPress this last month has taught me quite a bit about how WordPress works. I feel more comfortable starting to create my own theme now. Additionally, I now have my database, categories, home page and maps all ready. The site is basically functional as I want it, I just need to style it!

This next month is the last stretch before my launch date (August 31st). I think I will be ready for my original launch date, so I am happy that I have managed to stay on track with this project.

What is left to do:

  • Create my own theme! (the biggie)
  • Create a page for an accessibility statement
  • Print versions of my recipes (a link with cleaned-up CSS for printing purposes)
  • Security
  • Error page
  • Validation
  • User testing, I want to plan a user-testing session just before my launch date

After this, I will launch my website! After launching, there will be work to do on Google Analytics & Webmaster tools as well as tracking how well the website it doing on my hosting platform. I will also be fixing any issues from the user testing session. And of course, I will be writing my final reports for my thesis.

I will be posting another update in about a month!

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