Thesis Phase 2.2

Hello! This week I worked on the next phase of my thesis: firmness. This phase deals with the back-end and front end technologies that I will be using for my thesis website, Flavour Guide.

I created a presentation and after recieving feedback from my lecturers and peers, I compiled a report.

Some updates/changes on where my thesis project is heading:

  • I decided on the name Flavour Guide, after much speculation and feedback.
  • I bought two domain names: and I will be redirecting to I decided against using the American spelling because I prefer the UK spelling… and it was less expensive.
  • I originally did not want to use a CMS, however, after weighing in my options, I will probably be using WordPress because of the GeoDirectory plugin that would make the restaurant recommendation section user-generated and interactive. See more on my options and decision in my report.
  • I am still open to changing my mind on which back-end technologies I will use, due to my limited knowledge at the moment.

That’s all so far, looking forward to putting this website together!

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