Thesis Project: Flavour Guide

Previously on Flavour Guide: Natalia was starting to develop her own WordPress theme.

It has been more than a month since my last update. It was a hectic month of development but here I am with the final version of Flavour Guide. Final in terms of content and design at least until submission next month.

Last month I spent in a daze of development. I began with WordPress’ twentyseventeen theme and removed files and lines of code until I was happy with the simplicity. I added some of my own PHP until every page I designed was coded to display the content I wanted.

The next step was to develop the CSS that will style all of this content. This part was more fun. Obviously, I began mobile-first and worked my way up to screens larger than 3800 px.

During this process, I also implemented some promotional efforts for Flavour Guide. I created Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for the site. Social media seemed like a clear choice for promotion because people love looking at food on social media. I will most likely continue posting on these platforms regularly until this phase of Flavour Guide is over, i.e. when I have completed the final presentation. After the presentation, I will not be continuing Flavour Guide’s social media pages, as I don’t find it fitting for a website to have social media pages (as opposed to a business) and I don’t think I will have the time to keep up regular posts.

The next steps for me are to complete the analysis report (analysing page views, demographics, findability) and to create the final presentation for October 4th. Once the presentation is over, the final report, a compilation of all previous reports, will be due. And that’ll be all! MA over.

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