UX Discussion Guide

Hello! This week I created a discussion guide for usability testing for the 2017 Waterstones website. It is basically a script and checklist for a UX team to follow if they were testing the usability of Waterstones.

The guide was adapted from Steve Krug’s 2010 Usability Test Script that was featured in his book, Rocket Surgery Made Easy.

I divided the usability test into four sections: introduction, opening questions, activity scenarios and closing questions.

The introduction includes a description of the session, what is expected and what will happen. This is where the participant must fill in a consent form that the session will be recorded only for testing purposes.

The opening questions are quick interview questions to get a better understanding of the participant. The participant doesn’t have to answer these if they don’t want to.

Then I created 5 activities for the participant to do. They must click on, navigate and browse through the website to complete these activities. The aim of this is to understand how intuitive and simple using the website is.

Finally, there are some closing questions to conclude the session. There is also a small recap of what happened in the session as well as the opportunity to compensate the particpant for their time.

I found creating this discussion guide useful for my future career in web design. Although I’m not sure if I will go into UX design, it was definitely useful to see what sort of research UX designers do on a daily basis. You can view my UX discussion guide here.

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