paperclip national dish of slovakia, bryndzove halusky

National dish:

Bryndzové halušky

Potato dumplings with bryndza (a soft sheep's cheese) and cooked pieces of pork bacon or fat.

A brief history...

About Slovakia's national dish

The exact origin of bryndzové halušky is unknown. Halušky are mostly eaten in Slovakia but are also common in neighbouring countries like the Czech Republic and Hungary. In Hungary, halušky (or galuska in Hungarian) are served with meat stews. Halušky served with cabbage instead of bryndza are also common in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria.

Bryndza cheese originates from the mountainous region of Slovakia. It is also common in Poland and other Eastern European countries. It has a unique crumbly yet spreadable texture. However, the texture and flavour slightly differ depending on the season of production (summer, fall, winter or spring).